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New to LawBreakers? Check this out!

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I see a new face is among us! Awesome! Well, I don't see your face, that would be creepy, but if you're reading this you must be new. That's what I meant. Ugh, bad first impression. (ahem) On behalf of the dev team, welcome to LawBreakers! We're pumped you decided to check out the game and join the fam.

Before you jump in to the gravity-defying chaos, I wanted to throw out a few tips to help you on your journey to dominating faces and places. Now, there are a lot of deeper mechanics and strategies you will come to discover, but I wanted to share the basics to help you find your footing.

First here's a brief overview of our classes. There's way more to them and you can check out their kit in the game by pressing F1 (or up on the D-pad if using controller), but just leaving short descriptions that may help you see which you want to try out first.


-Assassin : Sneak in, slice out - stay mobile and sneaky
-Battle Medic: Support ordnance, team healer - not the usual "support" you may be used to. You can still hold your own in battle.
-Enforcer: Run and Gun - solid kit to start if you're used to playing FPS
-Gunslinger: Elusive target, precise shot - our version of a "sniper" class
-Harrier: Mobile friggin' laser beams - need I say more?
-Juggernaut: Beat down, armor up - use if you like that tanky CQC action
-Titan: High damage, shocking abilities - great class for drawing aggro and having rocket powahh!
-Vanguard: Fly high, dive bomb - take to the skies and do some fly-by damage
-Wraith: agile aggro, time disruptor - don't let those feet hit the ground and use agility to throw off opponents

Now on to other things!

  • Hit up the Tutorials!
    We recently introduced a shiny, new Guided Tutorial in our All-Star update. You'll find this under the Tutorials section on the main menu. This will help you learn the basic mechanics - we have a few that you may not be used to, so be sure to check it out (spoiler: press CTRL or down on the D-Pad to blindfire!!) Additionally, we have a Sandbox Map where you can shoot helpless NASH (one of our characters) in the face and play around a bit more freely with your abilities. You can also feel free to start up a Custom Game solo and dig in to some map strats and the different abilities and weaponry that make up our classes.

  • We've got video tutorials too!
    You'll be able to see these in our tutorials menu, but if you want to get ahead of the game and view them before you press start, you can go to our official YouTube channel and see mode and class tutorials. Note that some things have changed during our updates, but this will give you a great overview to get started.

    -Our Rapid Fire Tutorials will help give you a quick rundown of both classes and controls.

    Cool Controls to Know (puts shades on)
    "F"/R3 = Kick
    Mouse Wheel/Circle = Weapon swap (most have 'em, use all the things!)
    Left CTRL/Down on d-pad = blindfire (this propels you faster through low grav and shoots pursuers - most coveted kill in the game!)
    "i"/Left on d-pad = Inspect weapon
    "T"/Right on d-pad = call for help (Battle Medics will see a "heal me" over your name)
    F1/Up on d-pad = kit descriptions


    -The Dev Tutorials will give you more specifics on our classes (note some specifics on mechanics and damage have changed since these were made, but it will provide a great overview)

  • We've also added multi-region queuing! To select multiple regions to search for matchmaking hit the plus sign up top for PC and head to the options menu in PS4. Check what regions you want and don't forget to apply!


  • Boss Leagues have been added too! This is our brand new ranked mode. Note: You must be a rank 5 in quick play before you head in to the Boss Leagues. You can learn more about the rewards and how they work in one of our Dev Update vid. We do these updates as often as we can and they usually coincide with our patches to let players know what's going into the game and what we're working on for the future.
  • We have Twitch Integration! Just link your Twitch and you can change your in-game name to your Twitch name and people can even see when you're live (Functionality for this is only on PC).


  • Give us your feedback! We are constantly gathering feedback from our players, no matter if veteran or new. It's definitely important for us to see initial thoughts come across so don't feel like it will go unheard just because you're new to this whole LB thing. We've got multiple categories here on the forums to leave thoughts or questions you may have, so feel free to take a look around and start your own thread! We have a lot of awesome community members here too that are always here to help out a fellow LawBreaker.

Thanks again for playing and welcome to the fam!