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Assassin - Visuals don't match gameplay

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edited November 7, 2017 in Bug Reports
Bug description
As much as I like the Assassin role, conceptually, in-game it seems to be the worst class to fight against, mainly because when an Assassin attacks the player, the attacks often don't seem to match visually with the gameplay, meaning that the player feels like he is at a safe range to avoid getting hit, but will still get hit either from afar, through walls, etc.

Here is a series of clips that I hope will help illustrate those issues.

Issue 1: Seems completely out of range on the first hits

Issue 2: Seems completely out of range

Issue 3: Hits through walls

Issue 4: Seems out of range

Issue 6: Out of range

Issue 7: Out of range

Actual result
1. The assassin can hit the player when she looks out of range. Players feels safe and yet still gets hit, making it really difficult to identify, understand and keep a safe distance.
2. The attacks of an assassin can pass through walls.

Expected result
The gameplay is in sync with the visuals. The assassin successfully hits the player when she seems to be at the right range.


  • FlickshotXXLFlickshotXXL
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    As a side note, I'm currently using a FOV 120. Such a wide FOV could possibly make characters look farther then they actually are.
    However, I am not convinced it is the issue...
  • BKP_NathanWulfBKP_NathanWulf
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    This is just one of the downsides to a networked multiplayer game, especially with the movement speeds of LawBreakers. I'll attempt to explain with ASCII art.

    (Y) = You.
    (A) = Assassin.

    Imagine you're both moving left.

    Your perspective:

    Server's perspective:

    Assassin's perspective:

    Where the assassin would need to be to look within melee range from your perspective:

    You're going to locally move before your position updates on the server. That position update is going to be delayed by the time it takes your movement to be sent from your machine to the server + so me processing time. Then your position is going to be delayed yet again going from the server machine to the assassin player's machine. The assassin is going to also be ahead of the server position, with local movement prediction, and visually be right next to you.

    For the assassin to look within range on your machine, the player may potentially have to be completely beyond where your character appears, which would be super frustrating and almost impossible to hit people with. Even with a good ping, this can be ~3 player lengths of added gap when you're both moving. With higher pings, it'll be even more.