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[Suggestion] Semi-automatic guns

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As much as I absolutely love LawBreakers, as a FPS player I tend to play all the time with semi-automatic weapons. Weapons that requires the user to single tap and land headshots.

Usually, those are either Pistols or Assault Rifles that shoot like this...

Unfortunately, most weapons in LawBreakers are either Beam-like or Full-Automatic. It kind of get repetitive at some point. I've played for over 450 hours and... I'm really getting bored for all those beam/full auto guns. Every role seems to feel like they shoot the same, etc. And when I thought the Gunslinger would be that guy, it's best to just charge the Omega, so... in the end there really isn't a good semi-automatic gun to use in LawBreakers. You know, something that allows players to focus on landing cool multiple consecutive headshots and packs a good punch. A gun that can kill an opponent in 4-6 consecutive headshots, so satisfying to use players always come back for more. And this is something Halo can't do, because unless you shoot 3 times to take down the energy shield, headshots are useless in Halo.

But hopefully a semi-automatic gun that heavily rewards headshots, possibly one of the most difficult weapons in the game to master and is naturally more difficult to use at longer range without a need for an extreme damage fall off like the Spektor does.

3x headshot damage multiplier
  • Bodyshot = 35 dmg
  • Headshot (3x) = 106 dmg

    2x headshot damage multiplier
    • Bodyshot = 53 dmg
    • Headshot (3x) = 106 dmg

    1.75x headshot damage multiplier
    • Bodyshot = 61 dmg
    • Headshot (3x) = 106 dmg

    1.5x headshot damage multiplier
    • Bodyshot = 71 dmg
    • Headshot (3x) = 106 dmg


  • FlickshotXXLFlickshotXXL
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    A pistol that kills people with 4-8 headshots would be a really sweet spot. Other than Halo... I can only think of Gears of War 1 that had a similar pistol.

    But hopefully we are talking here of a pistol that could compete at its own pace (semi-auto) with Gunslinger and Enforcer.
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    I do agree that the omega isn't as satisfying to use as mccrees revolver. Mostly because of the slower pace of the shots. With mccree, you are challenged to hit a shot every 0.5 seconds. Omega fires a shot every 1.5 seconds or so. This makes it just feels more stimulating to fire mccrees gun than omega.

    About semi automatic weapons though: If you balance them around the fact that you have to spam click it. You get that using a mouse script becomes an incredibly easy and undetectable way to cheat. Mccree's gun is in fact "automatic" in the sense that you can hold mouse 1. Better not balance weapons around spam clicking, or make them fire reasonably slow. As in 2 times per second, not 6-7 times per second. In the latter case the advantage of scripting becomes really big.

    It's best to just code semi autos with an automatic trigger, and make them challenging to use with spread management and heavy recoil.