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Game design discussion

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Well, it's my second try to create this thread, so, i might to forgot some suggestions and complains about current state of the game. Also, sorry, English isn't my native language and i can make mistakes while writting this thread.

About myself: mostly MOBA player (Dota2 and other **.** ~ for a decade) and a fan of UT2k4 (played for 2-3 years when i was teenager). For now i played 41h of LawBreakers and for me this game looks like early Beta.

This game has completely NO lore. Only few descriptions for characters. And this is **.** ridiculous. How would fans love your game, characters in it if heroes doesn't have any charisma at all? What we are fighting for? For fun? Okay. But even the shittiest MOBA games has more complex lore and this is how fans likes this games, draw fan art, share it and get friends into the game.
At this point you can compare LawBreakers to the Dead By Daylight (asymmetric MOBA game where 4 survivors trying to escape from killer). Both games had pretty decent PR and start, but great idea. And while from tech side DbD is powered by really shitty developers, their game even after year and half still requires to create lobby and send invites to friends after any match. And this, their game had **.** tonn of fanart after 2 months after release and LawBreakers has nothing.

And with this **.** instead of lore i completely doesn't understand WHO and WHY choosed to make 2 different factions in hero based shooter?

It's shittiest game desing decision you could make in any MOBA project. With innability to prefer some sides it leads to decrease of charisma and personality of heroes, doubled amount of work for designers (probably LB could have 20 heroes at start without this **.**), more cluster **.** on screen and other issues.

For example, you can check history of p2w MOBA Prime World. Devs there forced people to play in 2 divided factions. It even started better than LawBreakers but still, after having doubled amount of work at new heroes and decrease of players they was forced to merge playerbase and now after 5 years of development their game has only around 40+ unique heroes, while another **.** MOBA HotS is supposed to add at least 1 hero per month because they has LITERALLY LESS WORK.

And also you should undertand: Overwatch suffers from this issue as well, people complaining about waiting too long for a new hero. Blizzard even release new heroes only with 3-5 skins now, and Boss Key Production still think that making 2 base models and some skins for it is a good idea?

Skins, drops and whole UI
Oh **.**. I don't want to create this talk but i feel like i need to.

Honestly, LawBreakers is the game where i DISLIKE UI. Ingame menu, settings, picking phase is nice but everything else feels so outdated and party overloaded with **.**. It's like UT 2k4 interface became older? Oo Maybe it's personal feeling and many other people really like it, but i'm not. Expeccially this drop box open interface.

Also i don't like the fact that there is only 1 skin for each rarity and other is just a recolor or a chroma skin like any League of Lepers player would say. Why we can't just group them and give additional option for recolor?

Why do we need this different colors of weapons? I mean, it's okay to have option to customize weapons but not when there aren't matching to skins OR WHEN both WEAPON and SKIN devided from 1 set into 2 DIFFERENT LEGENDARY ITEMS.

WHy do we need STICKERS AND DECAYS? At least in Ovewatch i can spam Graffity and Voicelines. What i can do with stickers? WHO WOULD WATCH AT THEM? At least decay showed at enemy screen. AT **.** LEAST.

BTW, leveling takes ages. And i got only 2 stashes after this Gateway update.

As i said, many heroes has lack of personality and lore. Also some of them feels same with "same" press E throw something abilities: Vanguard, Enforcer, Titan, Assassin, Gunslinger, Wraith.

Everyone has equal kicks with leg except Harrier. For example, it's imbossible for Wraith to make combo Slide - F - Right Click

Also it's **.** weird that you are allowed to kick with breaking reload anymation. On come heroes it's like constantly spamming kick breakes reload but waiting for 0.1 second before kicking gives you reloaded weapon.

THere is no **.** strafes in this game. WHY?

And also i don't understand WHO and WHy did such closed areas on maps or even restricted as to play around such small ZERO GRAVITY AREAS. WHy do we need to have ZERO GRAVITY SPHERES? Why we can't have some kind of ZERO GRAVITy tubes or etc.

Sorry, I need to take rest.


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    Hey there! We do appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback!

    Concerning lore, we do have tons of lore and have some in-game and video content to share a little of this. In-game, you can listen to voice lines to catch some, see it in the descriptions of the profile icons and you may even see some if you look around the maps (if you can). You can check out those vids I was talking about here. Definitely understand you wanting more story. I am a big fan of lore myself! We've also posted some Fan Art on the Boss Key FB page if you want to take a look at some creations by our awesome fans.

    Noted about the matching skins for weapons and characters!

    Stickers are just another option for you to customize and we wanted to give you the option of kick decals so you could choose what the enemy sees when you boot them in the face instead of just having a default one for each class.

    As far as spheres go, we wanted to shake up the ways gravity is used in the game. In our lore, these are called G40 spheres and are included in the TASC training facility Vertigo. Including the playlists of some of our map vids here in case you want to here more lore on those

    Thanks again for leaving feedback! In the future, be sure to not use excessive foul language (we know it will slip now and again). Hope you have a great week!