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Wraith - Replace walljumps with walldodge

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In the latest updates, BKP removed the infinite Wasp Stab Lunge from the Wraith. However, it currently hurts his mobility. As an alternative, BKP could possibly replace his walljumps and replace them instead with walldodges.
  • A walldodge is basically similar to the dash of the assassin, it allows the player to move faster horizontally. The current walljump is slow and basically does the same thing as air jump and its often not clear if you actually walljumped or air jumped.
  • So the Wraith could use air jumps to move upward and walldodge to move horizontally from one wall to another.
  • Because walldodges are faster, it would also make walldodges more useful and tactical in combat. It would make Wraith more skillfull ot use.
  • It would also help Wraith to move around better without an infinite Wasp Stab Lunge.
  • And this time around, a walldodge could consume a charge.


  • aqwzsxedcrfvaqwzsxedcrfv
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    As somebody who mains whatever is the most OP in the current patch I feel like wraith's mobility is fine atm considering how much damage he can output at close range. Rather, now that Assassin has to use her grapple offensively, he might be a contender for the most mobile class of the game along with Harrier.
    The way I move around as wraith is that I wall jump right after a stab lunge or slide + jump which seems to give a lot of momentum, the rest is a matter of keeping it with wall jumps at the right angle.
    Although admittedly I'm not a fan of his wall jump for one aspect in particular, the fact that you can't chain them to get someplace higher, after 2 wall jumps he stops gaining altitude. I think his mobility should rely even more on his wall jumps rather than his triple jumps since it's the most fun (and skillful) part of his kit.
  • AsbelAsbel
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    During beta wraith was so smooth, now he feel so broken...
    When he was using wtab in order to get momentum he was not able to shoot so for me it was balance.
    Was even possible to come back from side of map, now it's not possible anymore, can''t follow and hunt assassins.
    Stab hitbox is insane, if they could just have fixed this I'm sure it would have change a lot, bad players could not spam and good would not abuse of it.