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[Bugreport] Blitzball Ending Failed

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Hello everyone,

This post is mainly for developers and QA at BossKey, since it is a pure bugreport. I mainly used the structure that I was taught working with Jira in Quality Assurance, so I hope that is helpful. It seems like this bug slipped unter the radar quite a bit, since it being in existance since Patch 1.4 or even prior. We as a community have to stop complaining about things not being fixed, when nobody is reporting the issue. Quality Assurance can only do so much, especially in a small team, causing some very specific and rate bugs to go unnoticed.

The ending of a BlitzBall Match in LawBreakers can glitch out, causing all endscreens to break and the game being ended too soon.

Found in: 1.3.0, 1.4.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.1

This is a CRITICAL bug, hindering players to finish a match properly. It causes big discussions and anger in chat, causing people to quit the game.

Condition before the issue
Queue: Quick Play/Objectives
Gamemode: BlitzBall
Gamescore: 4 - 3

Given behaviour:
  1. Get the scores to 4 - 3 in the Blitzball Match
  2. The enemy team (3 point) scores, now has 4
  3. Match is ending and glitching out

The issue:
  • Match is ending abruptly on score 4 - 4
  • Score grade shows unknown scoregrade
  • Scoreboard looks Pre-2.0 and is blank
  • An error message pops up upon entering main menu lobby with the text being: "Unable to load details for the last match (Error: Error: operation timed out after 18159 ms. 10 tries failure: undefined)"
  • The lobby continues to work and the next match is loaded without any issues
  • The Blitzball match is not shown in the profile match history and does not have an impact on score grade (seems to affect ranking in boss leagues though)
Screenshots: Twitter-Post

Expected bahaviour:
  1. Get the scores to 4 - 3 in the Blitzball Match
  2. The enemy team (3 point) scores, now has 4
  3. Both team have 4 point, the score being 4 - 4
  4. Players continue playing until one scores the 5th and final goal to win the game for their team

Thanks for reading!


  • BKP_JakeBKP_Jake
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    Thanks again for reporting these issues!

    We currently have an open known issue where users can score a blitzball capture after the match time ends. If this occurs while tying the game all users receive a loss and stats for the match fail to be collected. We apologize for this inconvenience and we hope to have a fix for this issue in a future patch.