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Matchmaking in Boss Leagues

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Hello LawBreakers and BossKey team!

It would be nice to have some info from Devs about how matchmaking works in Boss Leagues. For example, I was matched against team of 2 who had some 7500 ranking each, whlie I was around 4800. All my teammates were around my skill +/- 500. Though in the opposite team 2 other players had skill around 4000 and one was unranked, yet it was a massacre :) That's not one might expect from competitive mode, where, as I understand, matches should be close. Hence the question about matchmaking. I understand that this issue might be caused by lack of players, so understand my right, I'm not complaining, as I understand we're having hard times here, but just want to know more about the system. So if any Devs read this, your input would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!