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Please, melee and pulsar less forgiving.

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From the top of my head, Wraith, Assassin and Vanguard have attacks that might be a little bit too forgiving, including:
- Slide
- Wasp stab
- Blades
- Pulsar

Personally, I have issues with the melee attacks in LawBreakers and Pulsar of Vanguard. It doesn't seem to feel right to successfully land a melee attack when my crosshair isn't even on an opponent. I really think it should be Bodyshot VS Headshot instead of on target or a bit off target.

Also, the range of those melee attacks just don't feel right. I can use Wraith and wasp stab to hit opponents that seem to be relatively far from me. It just doesn't seem to match the visuals of my player position and for the defenders it really looks unfair, because they get hit out of nowhere. It's an invisible strike that they can't defend against other than being somewhere else on the map where I am not. I think slide, wasp stab, wasp stab lunge and blades would work better, feel more satisfying and fair if gameplay would better match the visuals. If you hit nothing, hit nothing.

Same for pulsar, I remember killing people that wasn't really aiming at and it just felt like a very casual attack to use. It didn't feel like shooting a precise beam from my hand like Iron Man. I wish it was less forgiving and more skillful. It might help make Vanguard more balance and less spammy/casual.


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    I agree about the Pulsar in that its range is learned to players more by feel than visual indicator, giving it a bit more of a learning curve, but not necessarily in an interesting way.

    As for the other classes, I think the generous hitboxes are warranted given how fast most people can move - I think without them, those classes would suffer greatly, and perhaps you'd even see a subtle shift away from melee combat from all players if being successful in melee range relied on that high of tracking/aiming/reaction skill.

    The game already seems to struggle with being a bit hard to pick up for new players, and making the melees significantly harder to hit would likely amplify that, I imagine.

    Perhaps the answer is to give some of these melees visual effects that reflect the hitbox a bit more accurately -
    -Blades make 'swipe' lines when they swing indicating anything within that swipe will get hit?
    -Pulsar makes cone shaped burst when fired to give a better idea of range and spread