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[Wraith] Please, reduce explosion delay on Stinger

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The wraith and use the stinger ability to shoot a knife that sticks to a surface and either explodes after a certain time delay or by shooting it.

If the Wraith user doesn't shoot it, the knife takes a very long time to detonate. It doesn't quite feel tactical and the kills you can get after dying (from the grave) often feels like random luck.

I think it could work better and feel more fun to use if there was 2 tactics with the knife:

1. Shoot to detonate
2. Act more like a grenade where it would explode after a certain time delay. A shorter time delay than what we have now.

The shorter explosion delay would make the stinger more reliable not only in combat, but also to place traps. The Wraith user could run away and shoot a stinger near an entrance knowing that his opponent is going to pass there in precisely 5-7 seconds, so there is no need to wait to shoot and detonate.

Sometimes during a firefight, you just don't have enough time or ammo to place and shoot a stinger when you have multiple enemies to deal with. If the time delay would be shorter, the Wraith user could use that at his advantage to keep enemies around and distracted until it detonates without having to even shoot it.