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[Request] Replace Laser Tag with projectile weapon

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Laser tag feels cheap and undeserved. As a secondary fire mode, it feels like a wasted opportunity to have something more fun to use and maybe something more tactical.

As a suggestion, this secondary fire mode could be more fun if it would instead shoot a projectile that, on direct impact, would slow down an opponent for a super short time period. Like just 1 sec. would be enough. A slower projectile would work in contrast to the primary fire mode (beam) and if that projectile would have a little curved trajectory, it could feel great and challenging. It would be somewhere in between grenade launcher and rocket launcher.

Something similar to the Concussion Rifle in Halo 4.


  • TerryFoldsTerryFolds
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    Please for the love of god, no slowing weapons, not even for a second. I think Wraith's Hack rings work perfectly in that they are already a slower, dodge-able projectile, but doesn't feel cheap to be hit by, because you know they have a good duration of cooldown to wait out before they can so it again.

    I'd be open to other effects, like perhaps a fuel sapping projectile that kills a big chunk of the target's fuel, or delays their fuel recharge a bit if they are already out of fuel when hit - similar penalty to mobility, but not as frustrating as having your whole character slowed. In my opinion, it's perfect that only 1 thing in the game does that at the moment.