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Re-focusing Juggernaut (Feedback Wanted)

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edited October 20, 2017 in Role Feedback
I've spent a lot of time playing Juggernaut - I love his midair stomp, his 3 hit combo, and his trusty wall.

However, in his current state, he doesn't seem as versatile as the other Roles in the game:
-He currently is the slowest moving character by far, behind Titan, who can nearly keep up with some faster classes if they use their rocket jumps well.
-He also suffers from the slowest reload in the game, even with the 10% speed increase that came with Patch 2.0.
-On top of this, 1.4's increase to everyone's base health pool made him noticeably less deadly.

With his emphasis on close quarters paired with his sluggish movement speed, it's clear that this character's stats and abilities heavily designed around his Wall.

I believe these combined weaknesses really shine through when you're playing Blitzball as Juggernaut: Unless your team is very aggressive and reliably gets the ball before the other team, Juggernaut is so slow, I spend the vast majority of the match peeking at the Blitzball spawn point from our base so that I'm there in time to wall it off when the enemies come. In these situations, I feel like I'm forced to sit around the perimeter of our base while the rest of the team has fun and plays around the map, and if I'm not back at the point in time to stop the enemies, I catch the blame.

My proposal is to make the Juggernaut not SO heavily rely on his wall, opening up the possibility to buff different aspects of Juggernaut:

Areas for possible Buff:
Increase Movement Speed 15-20% (This would need to be significant to really change how Juggernaut fits within the classes)
Decrease Time Between Trigger Pulls? Or possibly bigger Magazine or Faster Reload?

Areas for possible Nerf: (to balance out the Buffs)
Decrease Wall Duration by 1-1.5 seconds
Decrease Base Health OR slightly decrease Armor Protocol's Damage Reduction (This would hopefully prevent him from being a powerhouse Blitzball runner)
Or perhaps slightly Decrease the amount of fuel Juggernaut has

I truly believe these slight changes could make Juggernaut a much more fun class to play in more situations, shifting the focus from a kind of point-defender class to a mobile tank that can move more easily with the group.
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  • MemagMemag
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    I would love more shells / faster reload (15-20%?),
    and also reduced spread of the pellets.
    He still feels like he is not doing better with 10% faster reload.
    Doesn't feel like he is packing a punch unless enemy is in your face.
    I do think his fuel and speed is fine, however.

    Titans will melt him in close combat.
  • DerkynDerkyn
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    I think juggernaut is the only class that needs a little rework, something like a new skill, weapon or change something about him that makes the class more skill based. Sometimes I feel that this class depend of raw numbers, and when he is outnumbered, he doesn't have too much choices if the enemies have a tank or durability.

    Changing the shield or the speed is a valid way to find the thing missing that he needs.