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[ BUG ] Blitzball goals count is locked to 24/25

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It's been weeks now that I have my blitzball goals score count that's locked to 24/25.

I've captured like so many times (usually several captures per game) and it's been about 30 games that the score is locked on my account...

PSNID : hehe2

Please review my game history and credit me with the missing score points on all my achievements because I'm suspecting there are other ones which are also locked and not taken into account properly.


RotoGluOn / hehe2

Note : The patch 2.0 didn't fix the issue, I've captured yesterday in blitzball and it didn't gave me credit for that... the score is locked to 24/25.

  1. Have you encountered any bug in the achievements count ?7 votes
    1. Yes
       86% (6 votes)
    2. No
       14% (1 vote)


  • ThePhenomThePhenom
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    yes seems its not fixed even after the allstar update
  • dukemaroondukemaroon
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    Hey guys! Really sorry you're experiencing this problem!

    This is currently a known issue that we are actively investigating. Really sorry again, and here's to hoping we get a fix out soon!
  • calabokcalabok
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    Just for the record, this is not fixed in patch 2.01.
    Last trophy for Platinum :)
  • sonicracersonicracer
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    I'm experiencing the same problem too. Frozen on zero scores.
  • BrittalityBrittality
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    Hey all!

    Apologies you have been running into this issue. If you would, can you please submit a request to support? (link to submit a request is on the top right of the screen). While it may be the same trophy, we're seeing that several folks are seeing different things on the count so it's best if the support team can look into each individual case.

    Be sure to include your PSN ID, region, the name of the trophy and any screens/clips you can provide would also be helpful to the support team. Thanks a ton for playing and for your patience!
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