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Weapons of multiple roles are too similar

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What makes Halo, Unreal Tournament or Quake so much fun to fight or defend against opponents is the variety that each player can bring to the table. In LawBreakers, it feels like the following roles are extremely similar in how we have to use them or defend against them:
  • Vanguard - Hydra
  • Enforcer - Aerator
  • Wraith - Spektor
  • Harrier - Shock Croc
  • Titan - Crisper

Basically, they all require use to hold down left-click and track a target. Even if Aerator and Spektor might require a bit of feathering the trigger, those guns are still pretty accurate in full fire when used at the optimal ranges. And yet the most fun weapon of all of them to use I would say has to be the Spektor. However, its recoil isn't very interesting compared to let's say the M4 in Counter-Strike Source or CS 1.6. Headshots with 1.5x dmg multiplier isn't very rewarding or worth going for a medium to long range.

When it comes to ''shotgun/spread'' weapons, the following weapons are also very similar. But the most fun to use of all of them I have to say is Romerus. However, Romerus feels like a pale version of the Flak Cannon in Unreal Tournament.
  • Assassin - Romerus
  • Juggernaut - Instigator
  • Enforcer - Badger

It would be great if the weapons of LawBreakers and the roles were more distinctively different from each other.