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Potential Assassin Adjustment post 1.4

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I've been working through this post for awhile and figuring out how best to verbalize it. I've played 50+ hours of Assassin and I've done my best to analyze the class's utility and role in both game flow, damage, objective running, and kills. While my perspective might be limited by using primarily one class, I'm doing my best to adjust for the abilities for other classes and their abilities in the general environment of the game.

The Assassin, as it stands now prioritizes mobility. With the increased health and health regeneration changes, it becomes more difficult to get the drop on an opponent and successfully finish them. The changes force players to use the grapple function more often in order to close the gap, but still maintain ability pips for escape. However, with the dash and grapple being tied to the same resource, this severely limits the potential for an Assassin during engagement.

Therefore, with grapples being difficult to land on opponents, I feel that a successful grapple on an opponent should recharge one mobility pip.

This allows the assassin to have more freedom during engagement and if the Assassin is kicked, it gives them a change to re-engage and successfully be able to have an option to escape. Kick is a universal mechanic that forces the Assassin to take less risks and it limits their ability to contest objectives. I feel that this change wouldn't upset the general balance too significantly, if the current state of the game is what the developers intend. Grappling to the environment becomes a strategic choice and it encourages high skill plays and decision making while making sure that benefits still come from tactical engagement and proper flanking.


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    They really have to consider larger workable discussion so that feedback can be communicated on, otherwise we're all just shooting the **.**, even with our personalized time credentials. I love the idea of a melee class in a first person game, but they've always come with a karmic drawback, really close range in general as shotguns never work like real shotguns because videogames don't need that much chaos. With no true Sniper I knew the karmic balance would lead to Romulus nerfs, and a general disrespect for the hitting **.** with sticks class. It just doesn't feel good to get shredded and players don't like knowing that closing the distance was all that was needed. I seem to have amounted the most time in assassin, even though I try to play all the classes. I've just spent too much Gmod time making grapple hooks not to jump on this. People aren't going to want her to be more powerful, so I say just make sure her new maneuvers are cool.

    I think Harrier shouldn't be the only class with a boosted boot. I really think each class can spice up the way they deliver those decals, simple additions of damage based on velocity that could really add a spice and a use for blindfire zero g top speeds. I think the team should practice with increasing the versatility of the grapple, as of right now it gets the job done its just kind of ridiculous that you gave these women two swords, but they swing with both arms and legs. I know it might be crazy for an assassin to get part of her combo in before she gets to her target, its just that its not like you gotta worry about grapple spam why not increase the ways to use it. If you would allow the Assassin to hold her grapple for longer times, and even use her kick, players could use it in combination with the terrain and combat awareness to pull some interesting in-combat plays. Worst case scenario you get this

    As of right now once you close the distance with a mouse for aiming your opponents gunplay only comes into play if they manage to make the boot. Minus role meta of course. I wouldn't mind trying a version of the game where the grapple only disconnects on release and full reel of the grapple, as using the boot to bounce off offers a combat situation where the opponent's gunplay is being put to the test. As well as a lot of creativity, instead of kicking a grappled opponent to add damage and delay the rest of the combo, they can kick the ground and have the grapple lead around the opponent ect.
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    How do you feel about grappling on teammates consuming an entire movement resource? I think it should go