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Hey LawBreakers!

Ready for a new challenge? Your FOURTH challenge is...


Remember -- to enter these challenges, we want you to record yourself completing said challenge (Quick Match only!) and then submit the video here on the forum thread with your in-game name, platform, date & time of the recording.

Get your ults ready and show us those multi-kill clips! The top 5 best clips will be rewarded with (2) Stash Drops. Clips will be judged by LB staff.

Remember to post your videos here and you may see your videos promoted on our social channels! Twitter Facebook

  • One entry per person
  • Entry must be submitted on the forum thread
  • Entry post must include your platform (PC or PS4)
    • PS4 – Entry post must include your PSN name
    • PC – Entry post must include your Steam profile link
  • All entries will be verified and judged by LB staff
  • Top 5 winners will be granted (2) Stash Drops
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PDT on October 23, 2017


  • BOOSTkdvBOOSTkdv
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    I uploaded this Quad kill with Harrier a little while back onto Twitter. Hope it counts!

  • JediJedi
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    edited October 10
  • ShawnHalogenShawnHalogen
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    Um. I suppose I'll try lol.

    But if my Defense Grid gets a kill, I should get 4 stash drops instead.
  • hehe2hehe2
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    Just a question about the rules, is the winner the guy with the most kills with the ulti "only" or if you get like an annihilation but only killed like two people with your ulti, does it still count ?

    What's the maximum length of the submitted video ?

    I got a really awesome flawless (series of 28 kills) with pure objective gameplay and several annihilations in a row but should I bother to find an intensity peek point in this to cut it and present it here ?

    NOTE : This is *NOT* my subscription here, just some questions about the rules.

    The video from which I might take the clip from (depending on the answer I get) is this one :

  • hehe2hehe2
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    I guess I'll have to retype my previous message because it disappeared...

    So, I have a few questions regarding this contest :

    - What's the maximum length of the submitted video ?

    - Will the winner be the one with the MOST kills using his ultimate only ?

    - Can it be a kill streak including some kills using the ultimate or must it be an ultimate display only ?

    I'll be able to apply only once I know the answers to these questions.



    Note : This is *NOT* an entry

  • hehe2hehe2
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    Damned, the post is kinda "duplicated" now... I retyped it then I refreshed the page and now I see both of them :/

    Is there a way to delete a given post ?
  • Luna_Luna_
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    Platform: PC
    Date&Time: Oct 10 @ 10:30 P.M EST

    I have two that happened on the same day that looked cool and I can't decide which is better :/