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[Game bug] Getting kicked after a couple minutes

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edited May 19, 2017 in Beta Technical Issues & Bugs
I haven't had a game yet where I haven't been kicked. I don't believe there's a vote kick function in this game? Or is there and am I being kicked cause I'm a scrub on beta? But after playing for like 2 minutes or so, I would get kicked and there would be no reason stated. It says "You have been kicked from your current match."

Please advise.



  • OneLetterOneLetter
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    edited May 19, 2017
    Are you running an overzealous anti-virus / malware checker? Those can sometimes interfere with online games, causing issues like above. If disabling those doesn't help, you can file a Support Ticker here >>
  • cmbaily2cmbaily2
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    It could also be you're connected to the wrong regional server.