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[STREAM OVER] Community Livestream - OCT. 6

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Hey LawBreakers,

Join Community Manager Lumos and Senior Game Master Radrodo for another Friday community stream on October 6, 2017. Be among the first to catch a sneak peek of the upcoming Boss Leagues in the newest dev update from Boss Key!

Tune in from 11am-12pm PDT as we answer your LawBreakers q's, play customs with the community, hold giveaways, and more! Be sure to leave any questions you may have below, and we might answer it live on the stream tomorrow.

Friday, October 6 at 11am PDT/ 2pm EDT/ 8pm CEST

Be sure to follow the channel at and be notified of when we go live.

See you there!


  • IkekapIkekap
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    I love the effort you guys are pouring into the game. Any other studio/publisher probably would have abandoned this game after admittedly lackluster sales but instead you guys are working your _sses off to build on the game. I personally love the idea of an arena shooter that instead of sticking to old and retreaded ground like (IMHO) quake champions, innovates on the genre and adds a bunch of cool twists to the formula.

    My question is what games served as inspirations for certain parts of this game? Also I keep hearing that this game bears a remarkable resemblance to Unreal Tournament. That game was before my time, how is Lawbreakers similar and different to UT?

    Thanks and I really hope this game sticks around for the long haul.
  • CezarioCezario
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    Good afternoon. I'm a big fan of your game Lawbreakers, and I live in Russia. I am engaged in filling the main page - the game LawBreakers - in the main social network of Russia and the CIS countries. And I do it as a fan. The question is: will there be something sweet for us? Such as - feedback, official representation here, localization - on betatest I saw translation of the main names ...? We love you - you carry the true spirit of cyberpunk. Keep it up! Come to visit us - we will ride the bears)))
  • Club25FootballClub25Football
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    Why is Tokki so damn cute?

    Also, we got our first map set outside of the US in the form of Namsan - is the dev team considering more locales abroad? We all know there's one member of staff from Amsterdam, wouldn't that be a cool setting? *hint**hint*
  • SaphItamiSaphItami
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    I also want to say thanks to the Lawbreakers Team!!!
    In the past 7 Days the only thing I played was this game xD

    I'm looking forward to join the stream and hopefully the custom games ^^
    Thanks for this great game and I'm convinced we can build a great community.