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Vertigo map is a little too biased

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I think Vertigo favors certain classes too much and makes other ones seem obsolete.


  • Mr_Hat_ThingMr_Hat_Thing
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    It reminds me of Unreal Tournament's Facing Worlds map. Just with a massive obstruction in the middle.

    I also thought this map favoured certain classes over others, and it probably does. But I think all the maps do. I would even go as far as to suggest that this is the point. If your role is at a disadvantage on a map here are some options:

    1) Reconsider the role you are playing, determine what your team needs for the game mode and map at hand and choose accordingly.
    2) Stick with your main or comfortable role, but rise to the challenge. Mix up your positioning and play style, ans respond to the enemy's tactics.

    That said, I've have incredibly frustrating games on this map. I've tried to adjust how I play, but often the obstacle is that the enemy team is sitting, all 5, protecting the objective, while my team lacks cohesion. This speaks to team and objective balancing that needs to be done, rather than the map tweaks.

    I dunno, it's complicated. This isn't my favourite map, but I've learned to adjust my play style according to which map I'm on.
  • NegativeimpactNegativeimpact
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    Vertigo and grand view I both struggle with as a wraith main, both seem to favour vanguard and harrier classes. I've tried mixing it up but I just can't get to grips with other classes.
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    Wraith is by far one of the hardest characters for that map. His mobility is king in normal gravity, not so much in ALL low gravity
  • FlickshotXXLFlickshotXXL
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    Personally, I'm a Wraith main and most maps in LawBreakers aren't very Wraith friendly. I really dislike 0g zones, they tend to make maps feel even more repetitive as you just know that you are going to be destroyed in 0g against decent players, so you end up re-suing only 1 side of the map all the time. It gets repetitive quickly. I hope that they will create more maps like Namsan that do not have any 0g zone whatsoever.