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PLEASE READ: How to report an issue.

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You have found the Tech issues and Bugs forums! I am Noxie (AKA Jordygamergirl) from the Nexon QA department. Below you can find a simple ‘how to report’ guide. It will be greatly appreciated if everyone tries to follow the guidelines.

1. Search for your issue.
Another player may have already reported the issue. If you find someone has already made a thread please comment there.

2. Label your thread correctly.
Please name your thread similar to this [Game Bug] - "Summary of bug"
For example: [Enforcer] - I am unable to load into game as the Enforcer

3. More information is better! I absolutely love bugs that come with images and/or videos. Please be sure to include as much information as possible.

4. Please only put 1 bug in per thread. We may close threads with multiple bugs reported.

Please send us a Customer Support ticket for exploits or send me a PM. Please DO NOT submit these on the forums. This will hopefully limit the impact of any exploits that may be found.

TECH Issues - Please put tech issues here:

Thank you for taking the time to read,

~ Noxie <3
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