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Hi, I just wanted to talk about something that I absolutely LOVE so far about the devs and how they are handling the game, along with a little in-depth anaylsis on why they should keep doing what they are doing.

So recently, as I'm told (I just joined a little while ago before this) a survey was sent out to the email addresses of people who were in beta, just asking them what they do and do not like about the game and whatnot. Now, this may not seem like much, as it is just the developers interacting with their player base (what they are supposed to do) and listening to their concerns. Most competitive game devs (Overwatch, LoL, Paladins) end up becoming pretty involved with their player base.

This is where the true beauty of surveys come in. You see, there is one big downside to devs interacting with their playerbase, and that is when a playerbase becomes too big, it is hard to keep track of what everyone wants. Afterall, everyone has different opinions, so it is incredibly hard to tell what the large majority of people want. The devs change something, people get mad, devs change it back, people still get mad, so no one knows really where the "majority" of interests lie- its only a shot in the dark with buffs and nerfs.

One specific example I'm going to use comes from Overwatch. Does anyone remember when Blizzard tried responding to the fact that people said Ana was extremely OP and she was the reason behind the tank meta? They heavily nerfed her. Then people complained (certainly not the majority of people, but a handful of people) and Blizzard basically completely reverted her back. Now people are pretty much still complaining.

How does one solve this problem? Well, by accurately getting each and everyone's opinions and telling what the majority of people want , through surveys. Not only do they give an accurate read of the status of the player database, it helps people to feel involved in the constantly changing meta. If Overwatch got one thing wrong, its that they never really institued surveys. At all. They just go read over forum posts and reddit pages and just guess. That can only end up with bad results.

Paladins started on the right track doing surveys also, and I was happy to be able to voice my opinion online on what key elements or characters I felt were too OP (but then they screwed over their player database, still salty about that).

The sooner surveys are implemented, the better. So great job devs for getting them started so soon. Thank you for listening to your playerbase, I hope the game does well in the future (can't wait to play Closed Beta 2 tomorrow to determine for myself the meta). Keep doing the great work!


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    As a note, we've been sending out surveys to all participants once each Alpha / Beta test has intended, and we'll keep doing so. Much of the feedback we receive from our community goes right back into the game to help shape it and balance moving forward, along with helping to make the game better overall for everyone.