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Gunslinger Guide: Basic Tips & Ability Overview

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This Lawbreakers guide will teach you all the basic abilities of the Gunslinger class while demonstrating how powerful he can be when played to his full potential. He is an incredibly strong duelist and requires you to have excellent aim and reflexes to perform well.

This took AGES to edit together but I enjoyed every second of it! Loved the hustle. I have so much gratitude toward amerika, BlindRob and Rough for sharing their gameplay clips with me to create this video.



  • WorgWorg
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    Very helpful and well realized, thanks !!
    (are u the moderator "amerika" as well ? just wondering given the in-game tag at some point in the video).
    [edit] My bad, just saw ur comment regarding people helping you with their clips. Got a new subscriber there.
  • SharkheadSharkhead
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    Thanks Worg! I have plans for a new video on the Battle Medic.
  • irishrOyirishrOy
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    Ey man!

    Awesome to see you covering Lawbreakers as well!
    I first met you when you were talking about the Dirtybomb-beta and stuff. Cool that you're sticking to the core of FPS-games! :)