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General Stash Box Feedback


  • SupaFlyLBSupaFlyLB
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    The obvious feedback here (and in many a game I play) is: let me buy the currency directly.

    But if you are sticking with the gambling boxes, add an option below each item to immediately recycle it into credits. There are a fair share of tacky (or downright ugly) skins that I would never use and I would rather make progress toward the one I really like. Also many weapon skins (anything patterned really) makes it near impossible to really make out the weapon stickers anyway, so I would like the option to choose to turn them all into progress toward a weapon skin itself instead.

    And as I believe others have noted, it seems like the rate at which you gain them from playing gets slower the higher level you get. If so they should definitely be normalized (I think for "some other game" it turns out to be roughly 1 every hour of playing?).
  • Chaos_de_TejasChaos_de_Tejas
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    -Too slow to open
    -Too much color vomit on skins, barely any skins with a clean aesthetic
    -Personally I would like more skins that show the characters face

    -Rate of receiving stash boxes
    -Distribution of rarities
    -Can directly purchase skins

    Wish list:
    -Alternate decals on Juggernaut barriers(not re-colors just stuff like a deadzo or a juggernauts facial expressions, frag, etc.)
    -Tweaked weapon meshes instead of only re-skins ,but making that work with animations is hard I get it.
    -Emotes and/or voice lines

  • IBM_d3m1urgIBM_d3m1urg
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    So you added a lot of usseless weapons stickers, i want suggest to add emotions or dances for winner team (for characters), which will be shown in the end of the match. And you can add these emotions in stash box.

    It will more fun, than weapons stickers. The most players dont know about key "I" to see own weapon. Keep in touch :)

    As i remember it was in Unreal Tournament 3 too. But emotion was right after kill.
  • DualDual
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    Yeah I also agree that I would prefer other cosmetics like sprays being a big one for me. Emotes aren't that big of a deal since the gameplay is just so fast and you're hardly ever going to be standing still on the ground. Sprays though, I thought at first that the kick decals were sprays but after realizing what they were I just had to wonder, why? Are we promoting kicking people in the skull just so they see our decal? Seems like a kind of wasted resource. I'd prefer getting rid of the kick decals and just make them into sprays while adding new ones. Victory poses or animations for victory poses would also be pretty cool.
  • serch54serch54
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    I feel like the 5-10 seconds it takes to open the boxes are negligible. There's a little serato drop when that box cycles colors a bit longer than the other ones. I dig it.
    As for skin suggestions: how about some lighting effects? Led-wire tracing some lines on a gun would look super cool. Or neon lit rune type stuff on some costumes
  • nosThofnosThof
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    Are the keybinding issues from the Betas solved for the final game or can you still not use the L key?