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General Stash Box Feedback


  • Potato77Potato77
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    I prefer there to not be any goofy skins at all. Yet they're okay in small doses. Rare-and-goofy skins feel unique and worth collecting yet they don't completely destroy the artistic integrity of your game because they're so infrequently seen.

    When you start throwing tons of them into the game though it both defeats the point of them (they don't feel anywhere near as special when there's so many), and it completely obliterates any cohesion your artistic direction might've otherwise had. Because now your game isn't a 1960's espionage themed fps, it's a game full of knights, futuristic soldiers and clowns throwing jars of piss on and shooting arrows at each other, with the original theme completely buried under all the silly nonsense.
    While I don't necessarily 100% agree with Potato,

    I anticipated this, as what does and doesn't "fit" the theme of the game or the characters does have some room for subjective interpretation.

    Yet there comes a point where you get things that just objectively don't fit, like Aegis in a Pink, Polka-Dotted Dinosaur Costume. Like there's just no way someone could seriously justify that as a fitting skin.
  • CaféCafé
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    Azereki wrote: »
    Please, make it possible to buy a certain skin with money (buying in-game coins) being able to buy only boxes is lame and a bit abusive, and a lot of games do that.
    We've talked a lot about this system and how to make it player friendly. I'd be interested to hear your feedback again once we've iterated on the leveling curve some more.
    Cool. It just feels awful when you don't really care about skins and sometimes you feel like the game revolves around microtransactions (hello Overwatch). In a mid-priced game like this (I assume) skin systems really makes the difference when building a happy playerbase.
    How awesome are the giraffe skins?
    That's the kind of skin I mean when I say " it just doesn't work" :(
    Bu..but, the giraffe skins are awesome. Should we just put the rainbow giraffe skin on hold!? :'(

    Some of the funny/wacky skins work for some characters and for others are just awful. For example I really could see Kintaro using a giraffe weapon, but I picture Axel with more subtle motifs.
  • RealmjumperRealmjumper
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    - What do you like? I like getting loot and any time this in a game I will like.
    - What do you want to change? The way the items are applied. It should say "Law" or "Breaker" for the class because I don't know the names of all the characters yet. Also it could say "(Law) Character Name and (Breaker) Character Name) when equipping, to help decide which character to give it to.
    - What do you want to add? Can't think of nothing at the moment.
    - How awesome are the giraffe skins? Not sure what you mean by Giraffe Skins but the skins are alright. I like the character outfits the most though.
  • ToiletToilet
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    The stash boxes are amazing, really adds to the progression & depth of the game.

    Ignore the people above that say "fit the mold of the character." Get outta here with that boring bullshit.

    Really love the skins you've got so far. Get some freelance artists and follow CS:GO's style of weapon skins and you'll go far.

    Also, don't forget to add some different hair colors to with a few skins.
  • YodalegendYodalegend
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    I searched around a bit and didn't see any other posts about this. Perhaps an edge case?

    Coming from a collectionist standpoint, the Stash is great. I want to collect everything and customize the out of my character. The problem I experienced with the stash box in the beta, however, is that while I was opening one, my queue popped and I was instantly transported to the match/loading screen. When I completed that match, I went back to the Stash to see what I had won and.... nothing. No stash boxes.

    Hm. So I went to the Collection (Customize menu, maybe?). Nothing new there, on any character, for any slot. I assume the match popping up interrupted the animation/reveal of the stash box, and whatever listener event that flags the "you get this loot now" result just kept on listenin'....
    • As a player who has unopened stash boxes, I should not lose the contents of a box because my match popped.
    • As a player who was opening a stash box when the matched popped (opening stash was interrupted), I should have a method to see what I last received from a stash box.
    • Alternatively, as a player who was opening a stash box when the match popped (opening stash was interrupted), I should be able to return to the Stash Box section and resume the animation/unveiling of the box.

    Just as a note - I don't expect to keep any of the items I received in any stash boxes during the beta. I'm just leaving this feedback because if this happened to me in the production version, I would be frustrated.

    I lost 6-10 cases to exactly this, I'm really salty about it.
  • YodalegendYodalegend
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    Potato77 wrote: »
    Sorry to say I'm not really impressed. I find that, in any game that has them, weapon and character skins tend to fall into a few undesirable categories.

    1. Traditional weapon camouflage. Which is not only pretty boring but also usually looks out of place unless the context of your game is an actual military shooter. Why would cops in an urban environment be wearing forest or aqua camo? It almost always just feels like they were made for the sake of being filler.

    2. Solid re-colors. Which, y'know, whatever. It's to be expected. Nothing wrong with this as long as the colors make sense. Yet they often don't make sense.

    3. Really silly and extravagant bull that just looks completely gaudy and out of place. Vibrant colored rainbow, abstract and meme skins that just make me ask "who in their right mind would ever wear this?" Kintaro's comic skin comes to mind.

    If you have skins they should actually fit the art style and theme of the game, if not at least the personality of the character they're being applied to. Nothing pissed me off more than seeing amazing weapons in TF2 that looked like they were assembled from period technology be passed over in favor of stupid Dr.Seuss hats.

    This game is about cops and criminals, with some industrial and futuristic elements thrown in. That should be the focus of your skins. That's the context I'm going to be discussing things in.

    Chronos has good character skins in that regard. The prison outfit, the serial killing clown outfit. They fit both the character and the overarching theme.
    Meanwhile something like Plaid Rockets, Lemonade-themed shotguns or Cyan assault rifles is just...what? Nah man, just absurd.

    Giraffe and Zebra skins make sense for someone like Kintaro. He's a stereotypical rich crime-boss narcissist that probably has fur suits and animal pelts all over the place. Yet seeing the same things being used by someone like Abaddon really don't feel fitting at all.

    Really examine the identity of your characters, the universe they're in, and think about what they would and wouldn't use.

    I think the comic suit actually fits him perfectly, and I'm glad it exists, it looks **.** awesome.
  • XenithosXenithos
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    The stash boxes are nice, but the characters talking and such sometimes feels random, and it's not clear why certain characters talk. Maybe if you had taunts or other things we could say or do or that were auto triggered more often to give personality to characters.

    As for Stash Boxes, the animations are still clunky, and it does not feel fast or fluid whatsoever.
    Also, getting the gold icon for when you have a duplicate is nice, but maybe consider changing that or increasing how much we're getting? At a minimum put the item you would have gotten with the gold icon over it.

    UI is still a little slow and clunky.

    I love a lot of the skins, though I think some of them could use more work. I love Midas Touch on Kitsune, but sadly the purple from her default skin is better to me than most of the others. I Really find it funny that to make some of the characters look nice in the first place, you gotta get their skins. Otherwise they look rusted and battle damaged and unclean. Example: Getting skins for the Juggernauts. I also think the Urban protocol is ugly af. Some of the skins are clearly not desirable to me... I'm all about flashy doe, sooo.
  • PluwiusPluwius
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    I really reckon this game has the potential to become the new Overwatch, I like how the mobility works (even if it's really hard to aim) and how easy is switch weapons when needed. The contest looks pretty easy to get and once you're in the middle of the battle I feel really into it (way ahead most of FPS games I normally play). I honestly expect a lot from this game I can't wait for another Beta test to see the progress (please don't copy other games, for example I would love to see an offline story mode in this game to fully understand the Law/Breakers battle).
    Well done guys keep doing hard stuff please
  • DrikzDrikz
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    - This game seems fun, I wouldn't know since it wont let me play more than 3 minutes without getting kicked. The graphics are a positive and a negative.
    - The negative of the graphics is that it makes the other players kinda hard to see (including your teammates) and doesnt really seem to be room for collaboration? Also, the character selection screen needs to be fixed (too slow for real gameplay - will only work for like casual stuff).
    - You should add reasons to why someone is kicked.
  • dizzyventuredizzyventure
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    being able to go through the stash box animations faster would be a big plus
    there's not enough time between games to open a box and actually see what you got
  • NeidiiNeidii
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    The stash box animations are too slow and clunky looking. It would feel better if the animations was sped up significantly. I also feel they're lacking some good content besides just skins. I'd like it if we could unlock taunts and some voice lines as well
  • NumbDutsNumbDuts
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    Azereki wrote: »
    my queue popped and I was instantly transported to the match/loading screen. When I completed that match, I went back to the Stash to see what I had won and.... nothing. No stash boxes.
    Maybe we can alert you that your match is ready instead of kicking you straight out of this screen. Will talk about some solutions.

    How about making the lockers only available while not in a lobby, like when you first launch the game, at that main ui?
    Also, for people that like ui candy, make the lockers open one at a time and slow at first then BAM!!! fast and right in your face (3x the normal size) with a little shiny shimmy or shake, then fade back to normal size back to the locker, and then hit the next locker open and same thing happens until all lockers are opened?

    I think that would look awesome, and let people have a 'wow' type of opening experience.
    Then, when people get tired of it, they can do a Skip.
  • TokiraTokira
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  • LuckyCluckyLuckyClucky
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    As far as skins go there was only a handful of skins that I found were ok. I would like to see some physically altering skins and instead of spamming 5 different skins, with the only difference between them is the color, I would prefer to see one skin whose color may be changed.
    Stash boxes and the lockers all seem a bit "weird". Personally I would like to see a UI overhaul.
  • BrittalityBrittality
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    As far as skins go there was only a handful of skins that I found were ok. I would like to see some physically altering skins and instead of spamming 5 different skins, with the only difference between them is the color, I would prefer to see one skin whose color may be changed.
    Stash boxes and the lockers all seem a bit "weird". Personally I would like to see a UI overhaul.

    Oh, you haven't seen anything yet when it comes to skins.
  • AlionPlaysAlionPlays
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    Make duplicates koins and koin boxes worth more koins (with a K because Mortal Kombat Deception started all of this nonsense).

  • KatherineLianKatherineLian
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    venicello wrote: »
    The "box open" animation is a lot less snappy than in other games. You're really lacking a sensation of clicking on a box and making the loot POP out so you can see it. It might help to have your "open Stash Box" button more physically present within the imagined space of the Stash Box screen in this case - like you push a button or flip a lever in this garage-looking place where you uncrate your loot.

    I liked a lot of the rarer skins, although it didn't feel like I could really make people notice them. This might be a post-kill change you want to implement - some way of showing the player who just killed you so you can ooh and ah over their cosmetics. Seeing them at the end of the round is nice, but that a) doesn't show weapon skins effectively and b) doesn't have the salty immediacy of showing off your cool stuff to the guy you just killed.

    I totally agree with this post. When I was opening Stash boxes the animation seemed pretty slow and kind of aggravating to open.
    Additionally, since you don't pick up weapons in this game or have a kill cam feature you don't really see the different features that are obtained from the stash boxes. The only thing I really saw that changed was the foot stomp portion and it was pretty quick
  • atavaxatavax
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    one thing that threw me for a loop was when I was teammates in red skins, it often resembled the red outline enemies have, and made me think they were enemies. Maybe give the player the option to change the color enemies are outlined in, so they can pick something that stands out better.

    as other people have said, it took a really long time foe the animations to work for the stash box. i usually just want to open stuff quickly and then get back to playing the game, and it felt pretty slow.

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    why do some loot boxes take longer to open than others? Is that just an aesthetic design?
  • lawbreaker9000lawbreaker9000
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