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    I'm super late to this but. When playing the enforcer I found that lots of people used its sprint ability a little to often. Try saving this for gun fights as it allows you to reload faster not just move faster. To add to that when fighting an assassin face her and use the ability and move back she can't keep up and you will be able to stay alive because if she gets close say hi to the death screen. Also a little extra. aim high with the enforcer head shots do extra damage. The badger is a great secondary especially against the Titan with its alt fire changing the spread it does great damage.
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    Assassin Tutorial/Damage Numbers

    Arc Blades Combo
    Combo 1 -> 50
    Combo 2. -> 75
    Combo 3. -> 100
    Precision 1 -> 100
    Precision 2 -> 150
    Precision 3 -> 175

    5 Projectiles
    Clip Size -> 4
    Damage per projectile -> 20
    All projectiles hit -> 100
    All projectiles full clip -> 400
    Average per shot -> 60-80
    Average per magazine -> 160-240

    Other Damage Sources
    Grapple -> 50
    Flux Blast -> 75 (Estimation)
    Kick -> 75

    Combo Damage
    Combo 123 -> 225
    Precision 1 Combo 23 -> 275
    Combo 12 Precision 3 -> 300
    Precision 12 Combo 3 -> 350
    Combo 1 Precision 23 -> 375
    Precision 123 -> 425
    Grapple to precision 123 -> 475
    Grapple to precision 123 to kick to flux blast -> 625

    Lethal Damage
    Assassin. -> 300
    Vanguard. -> 325
    Gunslinger. -> 325
    Wraith -> 350
    Battle Medic -> 350
    Enforcer. -> 400
    Titan. -> 500
    Juggernaut. -> 600

    C123 means Combo 123.
    P1c2p3 means precision 1 + combo 2 + precision 3.
    Slash means arc blade hit
    Full Romerus means romerus alternate fire (right click)
    Romerus Spam means romerus fire (left click)
    Latch means grapple onto some other character

    I realize that there are better combos but for this tutorial I will do the most practical and/or most often used combos for assassin against every other class/role.
    Note that these are the minimum combos required to kill ON YOUR OWN.
    If someone that you are trying to kill kicks you, be ready with another charge to either grapple onto him/her or to dash to keep your combo going.
    I will be doing an overall kill percentage at the end of each class out of 100% which means how often and/or easy it is to kill this class. These are averages that I’ve made in my time in Lawbreakers.
    I will be doing an overall damage taken at the end of each class out of 100% which means how much damage you will likely take during this engagement. These are averages that I’ve made in my time in Lawbreakers. This is if the fight is WON.
    This is all from my experience (~30 hours on assassin).

    Assassin Lethal
    It’s hard to grapple onto an assassin, but maybe you get her in the right position to do a full combo.
    Not c123 and p1c23, anything else you will kill if you get the full combo off
    Or p1c23 + kick/flux.
    For the low damage combo, you would need to c123 + kick + flux or c123 + romerus
    If you happen to get a grapple onto her any combo would do with romerus or other sources
    Overall kill percentage: 50%
    This is due to whoever gets the jump on the other, it can really go either way
    Most kills result in whoever kites the other better with romerus shots
    Overall damage taken: 10% - 85%
    Basically whoever gets the jump on the other has a huge advantage

    Vanguard Lethal
    It’s pretty easy to latch onto a vanguard, even from behind.
    Grapple into p1c23 would do the trick.
    You need to bait out the pulsar in order to get the full combo off unless you latch from the back.
    Most often you’ll be in 0G when pulling this off so be ready to take damage from enemy cover fire and/or vanguard herself.
    Overall kill percentage: 85%
    It is quite easy to kill vanguard with the grapple combo because of the big player model and non-twitchy gun
    If she lands a pulsar on you, most often you will lose
    Overall damage taken: 35% - 60%
    Most often, it will not be the vanguard that is hitting you as most often it will be in 0G with everyone surrounding vanguard giving her cover fire
    Likely heal after this engagement

    Gunslinger Lethal
    It’s hard to latch onto gunslinger because of the blinks. It’s also very difficult getting full combos off on gunslinger.
    Most often avoid, especially during B fights.
    Only a viable fight for assassin in tight corridors.
    Most often if you take this engagement you need to move around a ton so gunslinger can’t hit you with Omega (1 fully charged head shot or 2 fully charged body shots will kill you!)
    Make sure you have full charges on your dash, because you can only assume gunslinger has all 3 blinks.
    Most often you will not be able to grapple to him so kite with romerus and maybe get a slash or two in
    Overall kill percentage: 20%
    Overall damage taken: 0% - 10%

    Wraith Lethal
    It’s surprisingly not hard to grapple the wraith, especially during his flip animation because of how still he stays during the animation.
    However, wraith has many ways of getting out after 1 slash or even killing you straight up with the counter slide + shoot + stab, making it not only heavily damaging you but also incredibly hard to hit the wraith model
    Try to catch wraith during his reload
    More often than not you will find each other in non-0G areas along the map, since both roles excel in those spaces
    Romerus spam and Full Romerus gives you a slight advantage because it both damages wraith as well as pushes you back where wraith is less accurate
    Overall kill percentage: 55%
    Another fight that can go either way, whoever gets the jump and has more resources (cooldowns) to work with usually wins
    Overall damage taken: 65% - 75%
    Recommend fighting close to a heal station

    Battle Medic Lethal
    It’s very hard to latch onto a battle medic, especially during B fights
    Battle medic can also mind game you with their LShift ability, by continuously turning it on and off.
    If you catch them coming out of spawn or rotating to heal their team, it is very easy to get a good combo going, even with grapple.
    You might want to take a few pop shots at them before fully committing due to the speed and angle you have to worry about. Use romerus spam to get them low and finish off the kill with a 12 combo of any kind
    Overall kill percentage: 40%
    Although not hard to kill once you get the combo going, it is hard to catch them and battle medic might just get away from you by you either not able to get the combo started, you just giving up, or they get reinforcements to kill you
    Overall damage taken: 10% - 60%
    Battle medic might get a few firefly shots on you but you really have to fear the grenade launcher.
    It’s hard during B fights for both sides because the grenade launcher is incredibly hard to hit mid-air and it’s hard to kill battle medic with mind games and running going on. If a grenade happens to hit you, it does put you very low, especially on a direct hit. Avoid kiting in tight corridors.

    Enforcer Lethal
    The enforcer fight has changed quite a bit from CB2 to CB3. This is because for less experienced assassins it will take 4-5 slashes but for more experienced assassins it will only take 3 slashes for lethal. This is because of the new mechanic with the arc blades and precision hits.
    In CB2 it took 4 slashes no matter what, grapple combo or +kick would still require a fourth slash. But in CB3, if you hit grapple into c12p3 + kick/flux or p12c3 + kick/flux you will kill.
    It is still difficult to hit the third in the combo from enforcer’s movement but with an extra dash or even saving double jump you should be able to finish enforcer.
    You may still want to hit some romerus spam before fully committing, just note that at the range of romerus, enforcer has the advantage with his Aerator
    Overall kill percentage: 30% - ?
    It’s honestly hard to say with this change. No testing on how easy it is to hit precision slashes makes it hard to say. Enforcer had the edge in CB2, so that’s where the 30% came from.
    Overall damage taken: 60% - 85%
    Although in some instances you can still kill enforcer, you would be taking a lot of damage, especially if he is an experienced enforcer

    Titan Lethal
    The titan is the “hard counter” to the assassin. The reason I put that in quotes is that every class has a chance at winning every fight, just the titan is the hardest engagement for the assassin to take in almost every scenario.
    One rocket to the face can kill the assassin and with the neutron mine very hard to get away from (and also hard to dodge) your only chance is to either grapple from the back into p123 into flux or dodge rockets with dash and full romerus into flux
    I put flux instead of kick there because you will be wanting to get out as soon as possible from the splash damage you will take. It is still possible to kick instead of flux but dangerous
    Anything more (like a separate combo) is exposing yourself to a rocket to the face and is very dangerous to do.
    Avoid fighting Titan at all costs
    Overall kill percentage: 20%
    Overall damage taken: 65% - 85%
    If you do take the engagement and win, it is normally that you got the jump on the titan or you hit an unexpecting titan with a full romerus, and he/she only hit splash damage on you.

    Juggernaut Lethal
    Juggernaut is extremely easy to grapple onto and most often you see a grapple to full combo into another grapple to full combo.
    You can kill juggernaut with grapple to p123 to kick to flux blast if he does NOT have armor protocol active.
    If he does have armor protocol active, it will take around 8 slashes to kill, which I think everyone hopes the juggernaut would win that engagement. After all, it only takes one juggernaut combo or two shots to kill. With the increased rate of fire coming in CB3, I think it will be difficult to kill juggernaut with arc blades.
    Most often, you will want to full romerus twice (or three if armor protocol is active) or full romerus into romerus spam or romerus spam.
    Remember, you have the advantage if you never get close enough for juggernaut to land the devastating combo on you.
    Overall kill percentage: 75%
    Overall damage taken: 10% - 25%
    From shotgun shots that aren’t close enough to do noticeable damage, but a lot will come.
  • DiyaniraDiyanira
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    Fuel management is key!

    Bring back your classic skills of old and bunny hop (jump as soon as you touch the ground) after using Afterburners at an upward angle in SHORT bursts.

    Pulsar gives you a backwards movement impulse, use it to give you some distance when shooting a berserk Titan, or before turning 180 to get some instant momentum. Especially useful in zero G.

    Use blind fire in zero G to traverse straight or long paths, saving your Afterburner fuel for sharp turns. Blind fire also spools up your Hydra to maximum accuracy.

    Use the "Rocket Kick"! Maximize your close quarters damage after using Afterburners to get into an engagement by kicking before using Pulsar.